List Public School Districts in the United States of America

Use this form to list the public school districts in each of the 50 states in the United States.

You can sort the school districts by the overall population of the school district (the column called "Population"), by the number of school-age children (5-17) in the district ("Students), by the number of school age children in the district who live in households with an income below the federal income limit for poverty ("Poverty"), and the poverty rate for school-aged children ("Rate"), calculated as Poverty divided by Students.

Note that the number of school-age children isn't necessarily equal to the number of actual students enrolled in the district. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Not all children attend the public school system. Some are home-schooled, others go to private schools, some are simply drop outs.
  2. The number of school-aged children is not a headcount but an estimate based on survey results and other factors.
  3. Some students are older than 17.
  4. Some students attend schools in a public school district other than the ones they live in.

The default listing is by poverty rate.

The data is from the United States Census Bureau for 2009 and cover 13,619 public school districts.